Working Together

The creation of something bespoke is the fruit of both the commissioner of the work (you) and the artist (me). I need your collaboration in order to deliver a product you’ll love and on time. The more accurate and prompt you can be in giving your feedback the easier is for me to produce a product you’ll love, and do so on time.

I suggest all feedback to be returned within max 3 days from the receipt of sketches/proofs etc in order to keep things running smoothly.

If you saw and liked my work and would like me to work on a project for you whether it’s bespoke stationery or illustrations, I’d love to hear from you. Here I’ve summed up the way I work, step-by-step so that you can get an understanding of it before getting in touch.

Getting to know each other 👋

I offer a free first consultation lasting up to one hour where we can get to know each other, I can learn more about what you like and you can learn the way I work. For this consultation, you’re encouraged to bring any examples, photos or mood-boards of what you love, it will be very useful to me in the design process.

If you want to request a consultation or need to send over your mood-boards or inspiration pictures*, please book free consultation or email me on

The consultation can take place online, or we can meet in person in London over a coffee (when possible after COVID-19 😓).

*Please collect all images in one email, or send me the link to your Pinterest board.

First Quote: Estimated Figures 📃

After our meeting, I will get back to you with a couple of estimated figures** for different types of designs, materials and finishes.

The estimate will includes the initial sketches of the design, proofs and final artwork.

If you’re opting for a printed product (especially for clients based outside of the UK), I will provide you both the pricing for print through my preferred supplier and pricing for the digital file only in case you want to get it printed yourself.

It would be very useful if you have by this point, all the wording, details and names you wish me to work on so that I can keep that in mind when creating your quote and sketches.

**Please note the estimates provided are approximate, to help give you a ballpark figure for your project and they are subject to change should the scope of the project change.

The Design Fee ☝🏼

If you’re happy with the estimated figures I sent to you and want to proceed that’s great!

The Design fee covers research, concepts, ideas, and design; it must be paid before starting your project. It’s non-refundable unfortunately, as the time and ideas cannot be returned.

Each product has its own design fee so that you can have an idea of the time it takes to make each, but also gives the option to work on one product at a time if you prefer, and it would work similar to an ‘instalment payment’ helping you spread the overall cost without any interests.

The Final Quote, The Contract & The Deposit 🧾

Once we’ve agreed the design, we can discuss suitable materials and I can finally give you the final quote for your project.

To start working on the actual products I will need to receive within one week from receipt:

  • Signed Contract – this will be sent to you together with the final quote
  • Design fee payment
  • Full wording for the products, names, wedding/event details, addresses and similar – Please ensure it’s all correct – double check spelling, addresses and all the rest, as I will not be responsible for any of such mistakes and you might incur in extra charges if noticed once production has started.

Four Weeks After 📆

Within four weeks from the receipt of the signed contract, the payment of the design fee and the details for the products, I will be sending you a first sample of the finished product/s. Four weeks are necessary to allow for any material delivery and production. Should there be any delay in this, I will inform you as soon as I can and give you the estimated date of arrival of the materials. This will allow you to experience how it feels to receive something created just for you and is also a way for you to have a feel of all the materials and ensuring you’re happy with it.

Keeping in Touch 💬

I will keep you posted on the progress made via e-mail with pictures or even just a message, and I will inform you should there be any issue.

Delivery 📦

Once it’s all ready to go, we can organise a meeting to finalise the handover or agree on any delivery requirement you might have. I will – at this point, require the final payment for the project, and once it’s cleared, I will be sending out your products. I always suggest purchasing insurance on your delivery, to protect you from any possible loss.

Tips 💡

Save the date cards, can be sent as early as one year from your wedding date. Invitations should be sent six to eight weeks from your wedding date.

Invitations for destination weddings should be sent out at least three months in advance (the earlier the better!). With this in mind, it’s good to start chatting about your stationery for the big day at least nine months before your wedding date, so that you don’t incur into rush fees and have the time to discuss your ideas and creating something you’re guests will love receiving.