Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions refers to non-commercial work commissioned to The Dandelion Art. If you’re planning on using The Dandelion Art designs and products for commercial purposes or reproductions you must declare it in writing and before any work is commenced as permission to do so is at the sole discretion of The Dandelion Art which will need to grant it in writing. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

Fees for commercial work may vary. All rights reserved.

Payment Policy 💷

Any design work will incur in a non-refundable design fee to be paid before the starting on any project.

It includes up to two initials concept drafts or sketches of all the products required, as well as adjustments as per your request to the design. Once the design is agreed, the payment of the remaining balance is required.
Work will not be initiated or sent to print until the payment has been cleared.

Should the scope of the project or the quantities change, the price may be subject to changes.

Should you need your products before the deadline agreed, this is at the discretion and availability of The Dandelion Art and may be subject to a rush fee.

👩🏼‍🎨 Design fee – Bespoke, original items have a design fee which covers research, concepts, ideas, and design.
The design fee must be paid before starting your project and is non-refundable unfortunately, as the time and ideas cannot be returned.

Each product has its own design fee so that you can have an idea of the time it takes to make each, but also gives the option to work on one product at a time if you prefer to work on something similar an ‘instalment payment’ and spread the overall cost without any interests.

Cancellation Policy ❌

Due to the nature of bespoke products, I am unable to process refunds.

Should you need to cancel your order, please get in touch at cancellation@thedandelion.art as soon as possible.

  • Full refund  offered for cancellations made before the deposit is paid, or no designs have been sent over (ie. work has not been commenced)
  • Partial refund offered for cancellations made after the deposit is paid and designs have been sent, and/or for which materials have already been purchased and/or production has already started. You will be responsible for all the material costs and the work done until you gave notice of cancellation.
  • If over 50% of the work has been done, you’ll be responsible for all the design fees that apply (in full), the material costs and the work done proportionally.
  • No refund for cancellations made once the work has been done and/or the files have been sent for print. You’ll be responsible for the full payment.

Rush Orders ⌛️

Orders with deadline of 10 weeks or less are subject to a rush fee equal to 40% of the total of your order.

Reviews, Proofreading and Changes ✒️

Please ensure you upload the details correctly in the form provided and double check for any error. Carefully review the information for spelling mistakes, layout, wording, website’s urls, contact details and addresses, and so on. Once you give the final approval any errors can be corrected at your expenses and The Dandelion Art will not be liable.

Quantities are discussed at our first meeting. It’s an important part of the pricing so even though it can be increased, it will be done at a cost. Some items may be subject to a minimum order but this will be explicitly written in the quote.

Delivery 📦

Shipping and postage costs will be covered by the client as it will be agreed to client’s preferences.
The Dandelion Art is not responsible for any damage incurred during shipping or lost packages. I highly recommend allowing plenty of time when commissioning bespoke products to allow for any delays or problems with the shipping of materials and also suggest you always opt in for a tracked delivery, insured where possible.

For clients around the world: Orders outside of the UK might incur in import duties, taxes and fees. These are dependant from the country receiving them and as such they will fall under the client responsibility.

For EU clients: Due to Brexit , you may be subject to import duties, taxes and fees on any purchase made in the UK. You will be contacted by the shipping company with more information, when they reach customs in your country.

Growing Green 🌱

As a small business I am very aware of the impact that even small things/actions can make and I try to do my best for the planet, by reusing* (where and when possible) wrapping and shipping material.
This never diminish the value of the items I ship or endanger them in any way, in fact it shows you’ve purchased from a sustainable business.
However, I understand that sometimes for gifts or special occasions an extra care in the packaging can make the difference and so, if needed, please do let me know.

*When I am talking recycling shipping supplies I mean cardboard boxes, wrapping material and such.