Unique Tattoo Design

Tell me your story and let my create a memento for you to carry with you through life

I am a fully-qualified, professional tattoo artist with my own unique style which comes from my art. I find tattooing fascinating, the skin is such an interesting canvas, where the designs seems to come alive when tattooed on the skin. I completed my apprenticeship and certification in 2011 in Rome, and have since worked as a full-time tattoo artist in south east London. Although I am not tattooing at the moment, in the meantime I would be delighted to design your next tattoo for you to take to another tattooist.


In Bloom


Peacock Feather


Through the Keyhole

Looking for a unique tattoo design?

Michela was fabulous from the beginning with my custom request. She asked questions to get to know me and my event, and produced beautiful place cards with a unique touch. Love them!

Archie L.